Manar Jomban & Atashgah of Esfahan

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Manar Jomban

The 14th-century tomb of Abu Abdullah, a revered dervish, is in Kaladyn. The tomb is popularly known as Manar Jomban because pushing hard against one minaret will start it, and the other minaret, swaying back and forth. The minarets were added during the 17th century. Attendants climb up to shake them once an hour, on the hour. Iranians love this sight, but it’s only barely worth the trip – and on slow days they might not be shaken at all.

manar jomban esfahan

Fire Temple

Dating from Sassanian times, the crumbling mud bricks of the Ateshkadeh-ye Esfahan stare out over the Zayandeh River and the city from a low hill on its outskirts. The 10-minute scramble uphill is worth the effort on a clear day.

Ateshkadeh-ye Esfahan

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