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Ruins in Pasargadae

Before you visit Pasargadae it will be useful to get familiar with what you are going to visit on Pasargadae, site founded in 559-530 BC and was where Cyrus the Great entombed, and Pasargadae is also registered on UNESCO world heritage list. Pasargadae is one of the oldest residences of the Achaemenid kings, founded by Cyrus the Great (559-530 BC). It resembled a park of 2×3 km in which several monumental buildings were to be seen.

pasargadae tour of tomb of cyrus the great

Pasargadae has many fascinating aspects features that continue to attract travelers to visit Pasargadae. It is a UNESCO World heritage site and its construction of the capital city by Cyrus the Great, begun in 546 BCE or later, was left unfinished after Cyrus died in battle in 530 or 529 BCE. The archaeological site in Pasargadae covers 1.6 K.M and includes a structure commonly believed to be the mausoleum of Cyrus, the fortress of Toll-e Takht sitting on top of a nearby hill, and the remains of two royal palaces and gardens. The gardens provide the earliest known example of the Persian chahar bagh, or fourfold garden design.

The design of Cyrus’ tomb is credited to Mesopotamian or Elamite ziggurats, but the cella is usually attributed to Urartu tombs of an earlier period. In particular, the tomb at Pasargadae has almost exactly the same dimensions as the tomb of Alyattes II, father of the Lydian King Croesus; however, some have refused the claim (according to Herodotus, Croesus was spared by Cyrus during the visit_pasargad_iran_shiraz.pngconquest of Lydia, and became a member of Cyrus’ court). The main decoration on the tomb is a rosette design over the door within the gable. In general, the art and architecture found at Pasargadae exemplified the Persian synthesis of various traditions, drawing on precedents from Elam, Babylon, Assyria, and ancient Egypt, with the addition of some Anatolian influences.

Visit Pasargadae by Bus from Shiraz: Go by bus to visit Pasargadae for easiest travel, if you are going to Visit Yazd or Isfahan then you can take either Buses leaves Shiraz to Yazd or Isfahan and tell driver to let you off at Pasargadae. The other options is to take a tours to Pasargadae, Persepolis, Naghsh-e Rostam and Naghsh-e Rajab in this case you’ll be on tours to visit all of this places in a day excursions.

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