Shahzde Garden in Mahan

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Bagh-e Shahzde

Arriving at these handsome gardens is like being beamed onto a different planet. One second you’re in the arid semidesert, the next it’s all flowing mountain water and tall green trees. Built in 1873, the garden rises to a small villa that was once the residence of Abdul Hamid Mirza, one of the last princes of the Qajar dynasty. It now houses a handicraft shop, restaurant and teahouse. In the early evening it looks charming when floodlit.

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The gardens are well outside Mahan, 1.2km south of the southern ring road and 5km from the mausoleum.

There is a small museum (ticket required) but it was under reconstruction at time of research. To access the rear Abbassid courtyard you might need to ask a guardian to open the heavy doors behind the main shrine room (a donation is appropriate).

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